SAVEC from the air
An aerial image of the SAVEC building taken on an AK Airlines flight


Mission: To promote, coordinate and provide high-quality training and education to residents of Southwest Alaska.

Vision: Committed to building a healthy, educated and employed local regional workforce.


 Southwest Alaska Vocational & Education Center (SAVEC) is a non-profit Rapid Response Training Center.


SAVEC’s educational training focus is on meeting the needs of the community, industry, and business of region and state.


Coupled with our training partners, SAVEC provides students with the unique opportunity to receive occupational training designed to provide them with technical job skills. Many students receive university credit while attending SAVEC, allowing them to transfer to the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Bristol Bay Campus or other participating colleges.


Where are you located?

Paul’s Creek- Webster House, 
123 Thelma Road Naknek, AK 99633


What’s your phone number?



What kind of courses do you offer?

Career & Workforce development areas include:

Construction Technology

Welding Technology

Commercial Driver's Licensing Class A/B

Heavy Equipment Operation

Net-Hanging & Fur Skin Sewing

HAZWOPER 40 Hour & 8 Hour Refresher

HAACP Fish Processing Sanitation

Marine Drill Conductor, Refrigeration

CPR / AED / First Aid

Wilderness First Aid

Mariner’s Captains Training

Computer Technology




Where can I stay while taking courses at SAVEC?

SAVEC uses the community bed and breakfasts and local hotels to house our traveling instructors and students.


What should I bring while staying in SAVEC Housing?


Personal Items including medication

Laptop if needed


What Services/Facilities are available at SAVEC?

Laundry Facilities

Kitchen Facilities


What services can I expect to find in King Salmon and Naknek?


Grocery Stores

Health Clinic

General Store


Swimming Pool


Car Rental


Houses of worship